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History of zipper:
The first patent for the zipper was obtained in 1917 by Gideo Sounback. B.F.Goodrich developed this patent. It was first used in children's clothes in the 1930. Zipper has been in our lives for 90 years.


We produce zipper to the world...

It is a mechanism consisting of two strips with metal or plastic teeth arranged on the zippers and a part which enables them to slide open and close. Combining garments, such as bags and pillows to close the zipper.

The “v” the two cheeks of the slide allow the teeth to lock into each other as the slide is pulled upwards. The Working Principle of the ZIPPER is like this.

Zipper Sections:
* Bottom Zipper: Ribbon, Teeth, Bottom Stop, Top Stop, Slider.
* Folding Zipper: Ribbon, Teeth, Right Piece (Pin), Left Piece (Box), Adhesive Tape, Top Stop, Slider.
* Slider (Slider or key can also be called.) Handles, Body, Cover consists of 3 parts.

If the handle of the zipper is broken, a paperclip can be inserted and pulled in order to grasp it. First of all, these start points of the zipper teeth should be found by hand and separated from the garment. We should close these starting teeth gently through the gaps on the right and left sides of the zipper head at the same time and close the zipper. When you see that the teeth are exactly holding each other and there is no problem when closing, it is necessary to fix the fabric and zipper edges at the longest part of the zipper teeth, ie at the first closed part.

Do not apply dry cleaning to products with transparent threaded zipper.
Before subjecting zippers to dyeing, bleaching, washing, grinding, make a sample test under your own operating conditions.
Always close the zip before washing a product. Zippered products should be backwashed as far as possible.
Coated metal zippers should not be subjected to part dyeing.
Zippers and zippered products should be stored in the appropriate environment. Excessive moisture can cause problems with the packaging, tape and teeth so that they are hot and airtight.

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